Participation criteria

The competition is open to projects in which flat floors, placed precisely through SPIDER and/or PILLAR systems, are used. The projects can be submitted at all stages: preliminary, final or executive design, as well as projects under construction or which have participated in competitions for ideas. Both projects where this construction method is used in the whole building and projects where this is only partially used are allowed.


The competition is aimed at people involved in the building sector, specifically timber; in particular we are referring to designers, constructors, clients and why not, even those who are not professional designers: students, graduate students or researchers. No territorial restrictions, international scope.


The evaluation of the projects will be carried out on the basis of the following criteria:


    particular attention will be paid to projects in which non-standard design solutions are used or which aim to exploit the potential of flat floors placed precisely, for example, with the use of structural meshes with particularly important spans;


    dimensions count, as large buildings allow large quantities of CO2 to be stored. For this reason, projects of buildings with a high number of storeys or with a particularly large volume will be favoured. For the same reason, buildings with predominantly timber structures will be preferred to projects with an important presence of reinforced concrete or steel;


    the use of columns, instead of walls, for the transmission of vertical loads, allows to free spaces and limit structural constraints. The designer has greater flexibility in the study of architectural solutions that may include open spaces, large glass surfaces, etc. The ability to exploit these qualities, from an architectural point of view, will be a preferential factor in the evaluation phase;


    very often projects that in the first analysis used traditional materials and/or technologies are subsequently transformed into innovative materials and/or technologies. Projects of this type will also be favoured.


  • Presence of a banner on the homepage of the Rothoblaas website for a period of two weeks with the announcement of the winner;
  • 1 Facebook post and 1 LinkedIn post on our pages for the announcement of the winner;
  • 1 press release at the end of the competition (newspaper of the winner's country of origin);
  • visibility of the winning project during the important FORUM HOLZBAU IBK 2021 and DACH+HOLZ 2022;
  • section of the Rothoblaas website dedicated to the winner with a detailed description of the project (1 year after the announcement).

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