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“Building the impossible” can be done today thanks to the development of new technologies, which have given new impetus to timber as a structural material. In today's world scene there is a growing awareness of respect for the environment, society and healthier and more conscious lifestyles. In fact, today timber is also considered as a tool to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry, with a very low "carbon footprint". At Rothoblaas we firmly believe in these concepts and in our almost thirty years of history we have tried to develop innovative, simple and effective solutions at the service of the timber-related building technology.

The purpose of the BUILD THE (IM)POSSIBLE competition is to provide international visibility to innovative architectural projects that extend beyond the construction methods used until now.

Peter Lang

Peter Lang

- Rothoblaas -
Creator of the competition


The competition highlights innovative projects from the point of view of both design and collective interest in environmental sustainability. We, as Rothoblaas, have done our part: a four-year collaboration with the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and with certification bodies led to the development of two product families with extraordinary performance and a highly innovative character, called SPIDER and PILLAR, with a total of 130 different models tested during the project. Today, designers and constructors who are like us in love with timber have two revolutionary solutions available to overcome today's construction and sustainability standards.

The competition is open to projects in which flat floors, placed precisely through SPIDER and/or PILLAR systems, are used. The projects can be submitted at all stages: preliminary, final or executive design, as well as projects under construction or which have participated in competitions for ideas. Both projects where this construction method is used in the whole building and projects where this is only partially used are allowed.

We have accepted the challenge and completed it, and now, with the support of the University of Innsbruck, we are ready to challenge your creativity: who will be able to surprise us more?

Pillar Rendering

SPIDER and PILLAR - Connectors for CLT multy-storey buildings



The SPIDER connection and reinforcement system represents a revolution in the world of timber construction.



PILLAR is the revolutionary connection system that allows to build structures with column-to-floor system that until now were impossible to build.


The project that wins the first prize will be an inspiration for other future projects that we hope will aspire to sustainable solutions of community interest. Winning the competition will mean having a direct channel with the international community specializing in the timber construction sector: the projects will be evaluated by leading figures in the sector.

By using Rothoblaas communication channels, the professional and personal qualities of the winner will be emphasized. In fact, the project and related competition will be included in Rothoblaas' communication activities, benefiting from international visibility on social platforms and specialized publications.

The three finalists will receive a free gift of the standard November 2021 Mass Timber Seminar package, including board and lodging. For the winner there is also the full premium ticket of the Mass Timber Seminar with in addition the return trip from the country of origin, the return transfer from Cortaccia to the prestigious Forum HolzBau in Innsbruck (Austria) and the overnight stay in the Austrian city.

Moreover, Rothoblaas contributes to the travel expenses of the finalists who will attend the November 2021 Mass Timber Seminar. For more information on Mass Timber Seminar packages click here.




It is possible to register from the 30th of November 2020; to submit your application, you must fill in the registration form (subject to acceptance of the policies) by uploading all the necessary documentation by 31 August 2021. Applications received after the indicated date will not be considered It is not necessary to send all the material at the time of registration.


From 1st to 15th September 2021 the jury will meet for a preliminary selection. 3 finalists will then be announced. A system which provides for the assignment of a score to each evaluation criterion will be used for this purpose. The jury will also prepare a written statement explaining the reasons for this result


From 15th Semptember 2021 the finalist candidates will be invited to the November 2021 Mass Timber Seminar to be held at the Rothoblaas headquarters in order to present their projects to an audience of sector professionals. The course participants will choose the project they consider the most appropriate through an evaluation system that will be explained on site, thus proclaiming the winner. From that moment on, the winning project will be internationally visible through Rothoblaas' communication channels until all online and offline publications indicated in the “REGULATIONS” are completed.

During steps 1 and 2 the competition will be promoted at the most prestigious international trade fairs in the timber construction sector, where it is possible to see the SPIDER and PILLAR connectors.


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (D. Eng.) Roland Maderebner (University)

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (D. Eng.) Roland Maderebner (University)

Senior Scientist at the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck (A), research expert and designer of the SPIDER connector.

Univ.-Prof. Arch. Dipl.-Ing. (D. Arch.) Hermann Kaufmann

Univ.-Prof. Arch. Dipl.-Ing. (D. Arch.) Hermann Kaufmann

Director and founder of HK Architekten, holder of the chair of design and timber construction at the Technical University of Munich (D), he was awarded the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2007.

DDipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (D. Eng.) Thomas Moosbrugger

DDipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (D. Eng.) Thomas Moosbrugger

Member of national and international standardisation committees for timber construction and timber products.

Peter Lang

Peter Lang

Co-Owner, Member of the Board of Directors. Creator of the competition and expert in the field of construction at Mass Timber.

D. Eng. Ernesto Callegari

D. Eng. Ernesto Callegari

Product Line Manager of Rothoblaas - Structural Engineer, part of the fasteners development team of the Rothoblaas Technical Office.

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