File Sending Area

For the purposes of project evaluation, at least the following mandatory documents are required. 

  • Structural graphic drawings:
    • one structural plan on which the positions of the ALUMEGA connectors are indicated; 
    • one section of the building.
  • Architectural graphic drawings:
    • one layout;
    • one section;
    • one elevation.
  • Synthetic report, containing information useful for the evaluation of the design (see paragraph “Evaluation criteria”):
    • description of the works, with location and main geometric data (number of storeys, building volume, floor plan);
    • description of the design choices with reference to the load-bearing structures, with particular reference to the areas with flat floors placed precisely;
    • description of the architectural choices, with particular reference to the aspects linked to the presence of structures with flat floors placed precisely;
    • for projects that initially involved the use of traditional materials and/or technologies and then converted to the use of timber structures, we are asked to explain the assessments that led to the choice of the timber material; 
    • possible evaluations that led to the choice of a system with flat floors placed precisely, instead of the classic timber beam-deck system.

Images exported from 3D graphics such as renderings or 3D CAD/CAM drawings of timber structures will also be appreciated, which can facilitate the understanding of the project.

Finally, please attach:

  • designer's data;
  • manufacturer's data (if defined);
  • customer’s data;
  • participant’s identity document;
  • contact person for interviews.

High resolution .pdf files and .jpeg images are preferable. However, there are no technical constraints for the use of other formats. 

There is no limit to the weight of the annexes to be uploaded


Upload your project material here. Remember to name your files with your SURNAME_NAME in the name string. Follow these simple steps to upload:

  1. Click on "Upload file", the WeTransfer window will open.
  2. Upload your files and click on "Send". You can upload multiple files simultaneously.

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